Celebrating Christmas With Music For The Mind

What a lovely Christmas singalong at our final Music for the Mind session before Christmas, such a lot of fun and laughter and some great carol singing. It was especially heart rending to hear Bryan singing a verse of “White Christmas” on his own.

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us this term. We’ve had a great time and it’s wonderful to learn of the health benefits the sessions are already bringing to those who’ve joined us.

Our fun and informal music sessions start again on 8th January 2018 from 1.30 to 3.00pm at the Stamford Bridge Beaumont Care Home.


Music for the Mind Session 23rd October 2017

Please share this news far and wide – I want those those looking after people at home with Dementia and Alzheimer’s to know about the Music for the Mind sessions which are taking place in Stamford Bridge, East Riding of Yorkshire every alternate Monday afternoon. These sessions have been established to give carers and those living with dementia a change of scenery, a chance to meet other carers and a chance to sing, make music and generally enjoy themselves. All are welcome.


Music for the Mind Sessions – Day One

Today’s the day! I’m really excited to be holding my first Music for the Mind session at the Beaumont Care Home, Stamford Bridge

Music Sessions For Those Living With Dementia

These fun, informal music sessions are designed for people living with dementia and their carers, to help retain skills, build confidence, make new friends and combat loneliness.

They will be held on alternate Mondays starting from Monday 11th September 2017 at 1.30pm.


First Care Home Nursery Opens In London

I was delighted to read an article in this month’s Care Home magazine which followed on from the recent Channel 4 experiment and brought news of the first Care Home Nursery which opens in London this month.

This is wonderful news, bringing hope to the lives of many elderly residents and invaluable education for the young citizens of tomorrow who will develop love, tolerance, compassion and understanding of the challenges our older generation face each day. Congratulations to Nightingale House London and to Apples and Honey Nursery on creating the first children’s nursery at a UK care home. Hopefully it will be the first of many.

You can also read the full news item in Nursery World.

Pocklington Post Feature Music for the Mind

Great to see news of the forthcoming “Music for the Mind” sessions featured in this week’s “Pocklington Post.” I’m most grateful to them and to all the local businesses who are kindly displaying posters advertising these sessions on their premises.

Having just watched the two part programme “Old People’s Home For 4 Year Olds” on Channel 4 and witnessed the incredible results achieved by opening the doors of a Care Home to a group of boisterous four-year old children over a ten week period, I am inspired by the number of amazing improvements measured in these residents’ mental and physical health. As a result I am even more determined to share my own brand of “Motivational Music” with as many elderly people as possible in the clear knowledge of the benefits it brings to my audiences.

Musical Partnership Brings Hope For Those Living With Dementia In Stamford Bridge Area

I’m very excited about my latest news!

Next month, in joint partnership with Barchester Healthcare, I’m launching “Music for the Mind” specifically for those living with dementia and their carers. Each session will last for one and a half hours, beginning with a relaxed welcome and refreshments on arrival, a chance to meet like minded people, before the singing starts.

The fortnightly sessions start on Monday 11th September between 1.30 and 3.00pm and will take place in The Terrace Lounge at Stamford Bridge Beaumont Care Home. These fun, informal musical afternoons are designed for people living with dementia and their carers, to help retain skills, build confidence, make new friends and combat loneliness.


Dementia is rapidly becoming the health and social care challenge of the 21st century, so I’m really excited to be working in partnership with Barchester Healthcare on this project. I want to encourage those diagnosed with dementia, to come along and sing. It’s so important to have something to look forward to. Music, not only stirs our deepest emotions, but active participation can increase energy and vigour to see us through the most stress-filled life experiences. This group will provide a safe space where you are understood and supported by other people with the same condition. With such peer support, you are not on your own.

Don’t worry whether you can sing or not, everybody’s welcome and you don’t need to read music. It’s all about having fun.